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Caine Casket is a 23-year-old recording artist from New Jersey. With a background in poetry and fine art, Caine recently began writing, producing, and recording music. He still has a passion for visual art, designing all of his cover art and directing his own music videos.

His debut effort garnered positive critical reviews and has helped  earn him a reputation as an adept hip-hop artist and producer. His abstract lyricism, grainy sonic textures and array of cross-genre influences combine to create a musical landscape that is driving, yet soothing. His poetic reflections are both perceptive and pensive delivered via “melancholy mid-tempo verses with feelsy vocal-harmony hooks.”

Growing up, Caine spent much of his adolescence in acute solitude constantly drifting in his own world. Like most teenagers, he was unsure of himself — unsure of his future and unsure of his worth. By his late high school years, his focus shifted drastically leading to an ongoing search for purpose, hoping to find answers. He found music.

“At times, when I’m in the universe of my own mind, I feel like I’m not a person. I just want this music so no one ever feels like that.”